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Didn't Toki have an image of someone making this face? (evil)

Anyway... Watamote discussion.

That was another great episode, really enjoying this so far. Noticed her fantasy voice in ep2 is exactly like Cordelia's [MOG].

Watamote wiki
Haven't seen episode 2 yet, but her fantasy voice in the first one was also Cordelia's. [MOG]
Episode 2 was just as funny if not a little funnier. =D
I should feel guilty for laughing since she's done nothing wrong to deserve this treatment.

DarkJibTEC said: Didn't Toki have an image of someone making this face?

Oh right, bloody hell Maria. (evil)
i didn't enjoy the new ep too much

was too easy to predict since the flow was generic
lmao, Sugita when he was panting hard on the bicycle. [MOG]

And Yuu-chan sort of looked like Mihoko. (evil)
Lol I was thinking that too. Was also thinking how it'd be a nice change to watch a series and not hear any Hanazawa (evil).
Surely it's starting to get to be a bit too much now?
I'm having a difficult time enjoying this show. It's a comedy, but I've still yet to laugh/chuckle/giggle. I know Tomoko is extremely awkward and all, but she just makes me cringe [WTF]

I really hope there's some kind of character development. I want to like this series, but watching it is just so uncomfortable :'@

Maybe that's why people like it?
I think it's cute :P.

Actually rather admire her character for being unique, unlike her peers who try to follow the high school student stereotype (eg: Yuu-chan). And although they don't pay attention to her it doesn't feel like anyone particularly hates her either.
Haha, that scene with the baseball manager.

I love her voice. It doesn't feel awkward at all since it's what makes her cute besides the insane imagination. (that or I just relate to some of her awkwardness)

Also, good to hear Gintoki again. *_*
Is Watamote a short spelling? According to the animeseason.com website, the title is Watashi Ga Motenai No Wa Dou Kangaete Mo Omaera Ga Warui!
Yeah, there have been more and more series with unnecessarily long names lately (evil).

Saki reference!

Hahaha, yeah, couple of references from anime I've never seen.

And recycled much?

Wish the full OP would show up soon. [Shifty]
Pretty graphic episode this week. [MOG]

And Goodyear brand bed sheets that disappear on the next scene. [Shifty]

I cringed so much throughout the episode. =_=
Especially at that part when she ripped up her panties. :|
Hilarious ep, loved it.

Didn't realise until after what was on her computer screen at the start. She is famous.

Anyone want to try entering that url in her browser? [MOG]
Gonna have to obtain the OST just for that track which was playing when her father entered the room.
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