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You all know him and if you don't where the hell have you been? Toki has been one of the oldest members of MMGN as well as being the final boss of Super Smash Bros. Known for his random gifs and gibberish that you can still somehow decipher even when you're wasted, Toki brings his infinite wisdom in our Achan interview!

Anime Related Questions

Q: When and how did you start getting into anime?

When I was probs 2 weeks old lolol Being born as a Tokinese, you will be like that. Tokimum and my uncle already had lots of anime and manga (yes they are oldschool now lol) so like yeah. Me and Tokimum watched a lot of anime and my uncle used to send me recorded anime on a videotape everytime <3 So I grew up watching anime.

Q: Favourite Anime series and why?

I dont know tbh, everytime I finish an anime series, most of the time, Im like, THIS IS DA BESS ANIME EVA MANG OH MAH GAWD. Then it repeats forever. Only for the anime series that has more than 24 episodes though.

Q: If you could make an HD remake of an older series, which one would it be?

GTO would be kewl <3 Or Nintama Rantarou.

Q: Has there been a scene that has made you tear up?

Yes. Clannad Afterstory (no question), Angel Beats!, Ano hana and that Pokemon episode where Ash's pikachu was gonna bail on him for his pikachu family in the forest. But he didnt, what a bro.

Q: Follow up question, has there been a scene that made you laugh hysterically?

I have a few but I cant remember atm Buuuut.... anything from Gintama makes me raff The most very recent (like 6 months ago) scene that made me cry to death was Madbull 34. I strongly recommend you not to watch it while you're not home alone.

Q: In your opinion, who would be the most annoying character from a series you have watched?

From my recent memories. This bastard fehget.

Makoto Ito from School days. HE SEES KOTONOHA FALL OVER AND TELLS HER TO GET UP I was pretty pissed off at my laptop screen.

Q: If you could alter a scene/change the outcome in an anime, what would it be and why?

I wouldnt actually change it, I'd probs make it like Higurashi, like a whole do-over bs lol Because, I really liked Higurashi's storyline and how it was done. It was glourious.

Q: Who is your favourite character and what series is he/she from?

Thats pretty hard for me, Im like, this anime was badass = That character was god tier = I want his/her's babies = infinite loop But if I had to choose someone, my favourite would be Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero (Fate series)

LOOK AT HIM HE IS SUCH A KING My favourite characters are usually always from a game, not an anime lol

Q: Are you following any series right now? (doesn't have to be currently airing)

Nah, I watch anime once the series has finished airing. So I can marathon is at once. My reason to that is, I refuse to wait for a week. DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAZEH I GET WHEN IM WAITING FOR SOMETHING? Everyday, I'd be like, zomg wtf will happen next ror

Q: If you could bleach your brain to not remember/forget an anime, what series would it be and why?

Another Theres 1 scene that gave me nightmares, it involves an umbrella and stairs. That scene was demonic mang, and Maikeh is like.... making love to that scene.

Q: How do you watch your anime? (PC/TV/Smartphone etc.)


Q: Are you picky on quality when you watch an anime? (240p/480p/720p/1080p)

lol not really, but I usually go for 720p, since this isn’t 2008 and you don’t only get 12GB a month.

Q: Which genre in your opinion (can be anime/character type) has been done to death? (eg Getting stronger through friendship or the typical useless best friend)

lolfairytail lolbleach lolbokunopico lolwat

Q: Dubbed or Subbed Anime?

This is me irl for you asking such preposterous question.

General Questions

Q: Name?

Look at mah username, chu gaffot <3

Q: What is your current avatar and why did you choose it?

Yukari from Touhou <3 <3 <3 Because I love Touhou so much <3

Q: How did you come up with your username?

It was always my nickname, and its pretty much my name ror

Q: Aside from MMGN, what other websites do you go on frequently?

Ahhhh Youtube, Gheybewk and Google.

Q: What's an interesting fact that you have learnt recently?

How everything is expensive, like water in a bottle and centrelink and my job agency is a terrible place and they are useless.

Q: If you could erase a fad from history, what would it be? (can be a person/dance/viral video etc.)

DBZ Evolution

Q: Dream Job?

Something easy and that will pay me a lot. I always wanted to work at a movie theater.

Q: What is your most prized possession? And if you don't mind, can you share a picture?

Hmm… well I don’t have a car, because I cant drive so its not a car like everyone else. At the very moment, I guess it’ll be my laptop, my Pikachu hat and my 2 Touhou plushie, Reimu and Marisa (Hatless, it got lost

I need more, but others are bloody expensive. THEY ARE LIKE $100+ other than Reimu and Marisa IT MAKES NO SENSE

Oh and my most recent purchase of my Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U bundle, with a bottle of water that costed $2.50.

That socks haven’t been washed for like 2 months and I wear it whe—actually, don’t worry <3

Q: Most favourite quote? (can be yours or someone's else)

Zomg, I have a few actually, since me and my friends says random crap everytime from an anime/game quote whenever we meet. But maybe my favourite and most used (even irl) would be from Gurren Lagan.

“Believe in me, that who believes in you.”
“Just who the hell do you think I am?!!”
Then I do this everytime

MMGN Related Questions

Q: How long have you been apart of the MMGN forums?

Sep 2009, according to my profile.

Q: What is your most favourite moment on MMGN?

Peanut Gallery
And many many others, which I cant remember exactly atm

Q: What channels on MMGN do you frequent the most and why?

All, I just lurk on every thread and only post if it interests me or if I feel like it ror

Q: What channels (if any) would you like to see created?


Q: What is one thing you would change about MMGN if you had the power to do so?

If I say that here, few mods will personally travel across Australia to egg my house.

We thank Toki-sama for his time.
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Anime.MMGN Member Interviews - Toki Comments

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As expected, hilarious interview from Toki. I was laughing the whole way through while making this article.

And I didn't even need to add any images due to Toki doing most of it already trololo~ Anime.MMGN Member Interviews - Toki
Im da bess
Anime.MMGN Member Interviews - Toki

Mirachan2kind <3


Funny interview mang.
I agree, we need a Tokitopia page [Derp]

DarkJibTEC said:

That made him an even bigger king.
I like Seki Tomokazu's voice acting <3 hes actually in a lot of my old favourite anime lawl
Glorious interview.

This will cure the blind. [MOG]
 • Centrelink is useless.
 • Bottled water costs too much.
 • Another umbrella scene.
Misaki approves.

Fabulous max. (*)

Another Theres 1 scene that gave me nightmares, it involves an umbrella and stairs. That scene was demonic mang, and Maikeh is like.... making love to that scene.

My Toki <3333

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