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Anime.MMGN Japan Trip Day 2 Group PG

by Mirage 23 Comments 20 Votes 2209 Views 18/12/2012 Back to Articles
So day 2 of our trip was an eventful one.

To start our day off, we picked up a Bento box for brekky and just look at it. This was less than $6 at the Konbini.

And it was damn delicious!

For our first attraction in Kyoto, we visited the Kiyomizu Dera (Temple) which is pretty much the number 1 rated attraction in Kyoto and it's easy to see why. The temple is huge with quite a few attractions inside including a complete darkness pathway (for 100 yen) and lots of other pretty temples.

More pictures will be uploaded to an album after or during the trip :D

In addition to this, there were heaps of little other things for people to do, including two lovestones which required you to walk with your eyes closed to the other side (if you successfully did this, you will have a good relationship) and also a fortune slip for 100 yen.

My fortune..which according to SoS is on the 4th level of luck (With 1 being the best and 5th being rare). Apparently my wish will not be granted this year and I will have trouble with my funds..

But luckily for me, the temples also have a little stand where you can leave your fortune. Tying your slip onto these leaves the "bad luck" behind at the temple.

Afterwards, we headed back to Kyoto station and had lunch on level 10 -Ramen central.

On this level, Ramen shops are in every corner with girls screaming and welcoming you into the shop. Most of these ramen shops operate on a "vending machine" system in which you put money into the machine, select your food, get a slip and show it to the waitresses inside. I guess this is why tipping isn't common in Japan..

My BBQ pork ramen for $9!

After lunch, we headed towards the 'Ginkaku Temple' which literally translate into the Golden Temple and boy..was this a sight!

Unfortunately, we couldn't step inside it :(

From here, we headed towards the Hanatouro walk which only lasts for ~one week in December and luckily for us, tonight was the last night. During this walk, you follow a path around Arashiyama Kyoto which is pretty much a walk around lit up trees and the pathway and it is pretty.

Oh yeah, and we also had some Amazake (sweet sake) which was a bit too sweet for the foreign tongues of wolf and I.

On our trip home, we also encountered a "rare" vending machine (there's literally a vending machine for everything and you encounter one every 2 minutes) selling the dragonball z drink, which is pretty much tastes like Fanta..

After three tries to get the Goku branded one, I gave up with my Chaozu and Tien branded cans..

From here, we headed back to our hotel but not before picking up some Bento boxes at 7-11.

Did I mention that this only set me back $7?

At that's the end of day 2! I have heaps of videos that will be uploaded after the trip so you guys get a better feel.

Link to us
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Anime.MMGN Japan Trip Day 2 Group PG Comments

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That is a very impressive temple.

Seems like the cost of living is rather low based on the food prices. Cheapest drinks from the vending machines at uni are $3.50 (including water).
Bring me a Goku soda [Derp]
Beautiful temples.. And man now I'm hungry
Awesome guys! thank you for the pics and stuff, some amazing sights!
Left Dragon Ball drink is Yamcha ya numpty
Looks so awesome guys, everything is fantastic by the looks of it.
Totally not regretting bailing on this trip. ;_;

Mizui said: Totally not regretting bailing on this trip. ;_;

You so are.
Ahhhh, those DBZ drinks are pretty good. Haven't really tried the other characters, only Goku so far.
It's good to see you guys enjoying the trip. Awesome pics :)
The Bento Boxes look so delicious [Derp]
The picture of the trees is amazing.

The food looks amazing.

This is all amazing and I'm jealous.

Going to have a Bento Box for lunch tomorrow now.
私はお弁当を食べたい。  :(

Mik3y said: 私はお弁当を食べたい。 

Wow. Looks like you guys are gonna have quite the experience! Makes me want to go to Japan now. Take in all the sights and what not.


Keen to see some more photos
Beautiful pictures!! :D
Very nice!

Is Kiyomizu temple the one like 2km to the East of the station? It looks similar, pretty sure it's the one we went to...
Thanks for the comments guys! I also have videos that I'll upload sooner or later that properly capture the feel of these amazing sites!

DarkJibTEC said: Very nice!
Is Kiyomizu temple the one like 2km to the East of the station? It looks similar, pretty sure it's the one we went to...

Not sure, probably is!
Making plans to go to Japan in a few years now.

Mira can be my guide-translator-manslave.
Glad you're having a good time. You must luv those Bento boxes. :)
This is so awesome. [MOG] I'm also visiting Kiyomizudera and Ginkaku next year and it looks likes it's going to be amazing. Hope you guys are having fun. Bring me back a DBZ Drink. [Derp]

On a side note, Ginkaku Temple is the temple that comes pre-loaded as a wallpaper on OS X. ^_^
Day 3?
I'd like to buy some bento boxes but an onigiri is good enough for me since I'm quite poor.

Also, Ginkaku-ji is the silver one. You're thinking of Kinkaku-ji.

I found that the Ginkaku Temple (silver) was actually a lot better than the golden one since there was some nice scenery with the Zen gardens and stuff. The golden one pretty much only had the temple itself and a bit of a loop around the place. The silver one is overshadowed by all that gold!

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